Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Boyfriend is Back!

Good news! We are back in action (errr... we will be soon). Chris is coming back to the land of the Hoosiers after his brief adventure in the Windy City, and he is going to be playing with us once again! We played a show on Nov. 26th after only one practice with the full-lineup and things still sounded pretty good. We have finally made more copies of the demo tape and they are available from us for $3 (email us or get one at a show). We will soon have them all ready in "fancy" packaging - more on that soon. Anyway - look for lots more news in the new year!

Friday, September 10, 2010

News! And download!

Hey everyone! We aren't dead, we are just on a brief hiatus as we try to search out a new drummer for Religious Police now that Chris is off at Grad School getting knowledged. We'll post an update soon and hopefully be back to playing shows soon as well.

In the meantime - you can download the songs we recently recorded at Russian Recording. We are putting these out on a tape that will be available for super-cheap if you like to have physical copies of the music in your hands like some of us do. But for now... you can have this:


Check back soon for more!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TONIGHT @ Bear's Place (3rd and Jordan), Bloomington, IN
9pm $5

Will Power - Local folk punk mad man
Outer Planets - Local stoner sludge
Religious Police - Local awkward posi-angst
Coughing Fit - XXX Hardcore from Albany, NY

Be there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Refused a New Start

Refused a New Start

We just recorded 8 songs at Russian Recording in Bloomington... we will soon be releasing these on some physical media, until then... here is a sample! (Click the link above)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming shows and looking for a new drummer

Alright - first of all, we have been working on some new songs we should have ready to play very soon... and hopefully even recorded for a tape very soon! However, we are also on the search for a new drummer to pick up at the end of the summer because Chris is going to be heading to grad school in Chicago. We are super-happy for Chris, but since that leaves us drummerless... we need to find a new drummer! If you are interested in the job and you live in the Bloomington-area hit us up (

In other news, we a few upcoming shows before Chris leaves us for his studies, so come check them out!

Friday, June 25th
The Dojo - 10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN
Last Friday at the Dojo - 7pm - $5
*Religious Police
*Media Blitz
*Sick World
*Rumor Has It
*Life Won't Wait

Sunday, June 27th
Bear's Place - Bloomington, IN
Punk Rock Night... more info TBA, should start around 9 or 10.
Wednesday, July 7th
The Dojo - 10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN
7pm - $5
*Just Die
*Kata Sarka
*Religious Police

Friday, May 7, 2010


We aren't playing the show on June 11th... in fact that show isn't happening, but there is still a rad show at the Dojo that night (Condominium - Duke Nukem - Picked Clean - Vital Eror) , so come out anyway!

We also are working on new tunes!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upcoming Shows!

We have some upcoming shows - check them out!

THIS IS ON THE 25TH, NOT THE 28TH!!!! Ignore the date on this flier.

Sunday, April 25th
1511 House - 1511 E. 49th St., Indianapolis, IN

White Walls (Cincinnati)
Misled Youth
Paralyzer (Cincinnati)
Religious Police

Saturday, May 1st
J. Cook's Crib - 5204 N. Critterden, Indianapolis, IN
Matinee to Midnight w/Crucial BBQ
Bands start @ 5pm

Stand and Deliver
Religious Police
No Regard
Vultures (NWI)
Bad Assets (Detriot)
Death in Custody (Detroit)
Off Balance

Friday, June 11th
The Dojo - 10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN

Religious Police
The UC
Dude Nukem (St. Louis)

Friday, June 25th
The Dojo - 10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN
Last Friday at the Dojo Locals Show

Rumor Has It
Religious Police
Sick World

Wednesday, July 7th
The Dojo - 10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN

more info TBA

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Media Blitz

New song. Get down.

(To download, right-click and click Save Link As...)

Media Blitz


Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Friends, The Pit Fest

We will be playing our debut show on March 12th in Indianapolis at the first day of the "My Friends, The Pit" Fest! There is an awesome line-up both days so everyone should come out!

We are opening up the first day, so if you want to see us play - come early or you'll miss us!

(We aren't on the flyer... but trust me, we are playing!)

Since it is hard to read: Day 1, March 12th, is at the 1511 (1511 49th St., Indianapolis) starting at 6pm $10; Day 2, March 13th, is at the ES Jungle (6151 N. Central Ave., Indianapolis) starting at 1pm $15 (only costs $20 if you go both days)

Monday, February 22, 2010